We offer our Dealers an extensive line of wine cellar storage components complete with racks, cabinetry, trim and other accents so that you can create a truly custom-looking cellar for your clients. We can also provide doors, lighting and environmental control to complete the wine cellar. In addition, we have designers in house with the ability to create custom pieces should you need them.

Our wine cellar racking is shipped knocked-down for assembly on site.  Assembly is simple and requires little more than a power screwdriver and a brad nailer.  We provide complete layout and assembly instructions.

The Wine Rack Company has carefully chosen the raw materials for our racking because they are all attractive, moisture tolerant and very durable. Our racking is primarily manufactured out of the following species of wood:


Mahogany: Mahogany is a heavy and very stable hardwood with coloring that varies from almost white to a deep brown. The grain is usually straight and slightly lustrous, and the wood is naturally decay and moisture resistant. Mahogany also takes stain and finish well. Our Mahogany comes from managed forests in Indonesia.


Red Oak: Oak is hard and heavy with a straight grain with coloring varying from white to pinkish reddish brown. It takes stain and finish very well so can be made to match most any decor.

We also carry stain grade materials (Poplar & Beech) and can special order specific wood species.