Why should I become a Wine Rack Company dealer?

As an Authorized dealer of The Wine Rack Company you will have an opportunity to add profits to your bottom line. With our nearly 20 years of experience in the niche market of the wine storage business, we have everything you need to become a successful wine storage expert in your market area. Becoming a dealer for THE WINE RACK COMPANY will expand your current portfolio of the products and services you currently offer your clients, which is big advantage in a declining economy. Even in this down economy wine sales remain strong! Homeowners are in a “nesting mode” and are making investments in their homes, which is an opportunity for you.

Who is eligible to become a dealer?

The Wine Rack Company welcomes business people from many industries. Our current dealers include interior designers, architects, home builders, building contractors, re-modellers,  kitchen cabinet retailers, home centers and independent sales reps. Our products are used in residential, commercial and hospitality applications so there are many different opportunities for a dealer to enter the market.

Are there assigned territories for dealers?

The Wine Rack Company carefully evaluates the qualifications and skills of each potential dealer. We do not assign a particular dealership territory since there could be several dealers all working in different parts of the industry serving different customers (For example: Home Builder, Kitchen Cabinet store, a Wine & Liquor retailer all in the same area). We will limit the number of dealerships within a region to ensure a market is not over saturated and all of our dealers have enough market share to perform well.

Are there dealership fees?

The Wine Rack Company offers dealership opportunities for no up-front investment. You will be assigned a pricing level based on volume with your pricing level adjusted annually based on performance. We recommend that you do purchase a showroom display, which we offer for 50% Off the list price and include a rebate program that allows you to earn 5% back on each order up to the total price of your display, so in effect, your display will be free if you sell enough product.

What support does The Wine Rack Company provide its dealers?

Each Wine Rack Company dealer is assigned a Dealer Representative. Your Dealer Rep can help you with cellar designs and training. Our goal is to help you, the dealer, be successful. In addition we offer a complete library of 3-D models of our wine racking that is compatible with the popular SketchUp(tm)  and Chief Architect software that will allow you to quickly and easily create wine cellar layouts for your customers.  Dealers can also get training in the use of the 3-D Component Library,  product samples and product displays.

What materials are used in the manufacture of your wine racks?

The Wine Rack Company products are manufactured primarily from mahogany (Marenti).  Other species are available upon request. All of our raw materials come from well-managed forests or plantations with certified harvesting practices.

Where are your products made?

All of The Wine Rack Company products are manufactured in the United States, right here in our plant in the Hudson Valley Region of New York. Because we are the manufacturer we have direct control over the quality of our products and also have the ability to create new wine storage options for our dealers as needed.

How do I become a Wine Rack Company Dealer?

If you are interested in becoming a Wine Rack Company Dealer, please take a moment to fill out our Dealership Application and one of our Dealer Representatives will contact you. You can also give us a call, toll-free at 888-687-2517.